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For the visionaries that transform the world with the greatness of their dreams

There’s nothing better than dreaming about something we wish for with all our hearts.

Dreams give us purpose. They are powerful and fill us with the energy we need to build what still doesn’t exist and change what already does.

When we have dreams, our space fills with light. That light is so bright that it never fades, guiding us along the way. Its sparks remind us that we all have a mission and that nothing will stop us from pursuing it. Dreams are beacons and the world is always in need of light. In Letter to My Dreams, we believe that your dreams are needed. That’s why we want to encourage you to pursue them and make them a reality.

Did you know the world needs all of us including you?

Hi, I’m Kangaroo the mailman from the Letter to My Dreams series. My mission is to promote a positive message that impacts and encourages humanity to make the transformations needed to live in peace and harmony. Knowing how important it is for people to understand that each one is a key agent of change, I try to share, educate, and inspire children and teenagers to learn more about the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. They hold the key to a better future for them, and our next generations.

And I’m not alone in this important mission. I have the support of my friends “The Dreamers”. I will share with you their life stories and all we can learn from their example. They are people, just like you, with dreams and challenges. They faced their fears and overcome obstacles to make their dreams come true. By using their potential, creativity, and leadership they have helped thousands of people, and inspired millions, around the world.


My job is to help you see how great you already are!


My Family of Dreamers

When you inspire children and teenagers to grow up loving the environment, it matters. When you teach them through your example, it matters. When you motivate them to learn about the challenges that life on our planet faces, it matters. When they know that other people like them are committed to helping, it matters. When you give books such as Letter to My Dreams to encourage them to become leaders with values, it matters. When you help us to continue helping others to live, it matters. It always matters.

Pilar Vélez


Carta a mis sueños
Letter to my Dreams

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