Letter to My Dreams for planet Earth, is the first book in the Letter to My Dreams ™ series. This work, dedicated to the environment, is an invitation addressed to parents, educators, children and young people to love and preserve the life of the planet.

This book

● Meets the educational and didactic requirements for environmental education.
● Encourages Spanish and English language learning, enriching the lexicon.
● Empowers people. Its content is based on human values ​​and on the selection of texts alluding to remarkable characters in several disciplines, who have left a legacy to humanity, worthy of motivation for children and adolescents.
● Inspires readers to protect the environment and learn about the causes and effects of the environmental problems.
● Develops a vision and help readers to discover amazing opportunities in science and other fields from which they can impact positively the life of all beings and species that live on our planet.

Practice here

Vocabulary from Letter to My Dreams

  • Learn and practice the English and Spanish vocabulary from Letter to My Dreams for Planet Earth.

  • Use these links to reach the magic trunks of words, which follow the same order as the book’s characters.

  • The activities focus on recognizing the meaning of words through images, pronunciation, and bilingual writing.

  • The activities provide two levels of difficulty to reinforce learning: elementary and intermediate.



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