The History

Pilar Vélez was one of the 25 mentors of the Girls Going Places Foundation program in the United States, promoting entrepreneurship in low-income adolescent girls. During one of the annual meetings in the city of Miami, she took the initiative to contribute not only with her knowledge as an economist and entrepreneur but also as a poet and teacher. That morning, when the 100 girls from ASPIRA attended the conference at the Florida International University (FIU) to learn how to handle money, balancing a bank account, and creating a budget, they found a small welcome card dedicated to each of them, and inside, a poem written from their dream.

The sensitivity of those verses touched their hearts and was the key to an amazing day. The poem continued traveling to many meetings throughout the American nation, taking wings and enriching itself with activities and knowledge, turning it into Letter to My Dreams ™, an effective learning tool, and, most importantly, a source of inspiration for adults and children.

Dreaming is a right, and they are the heart of Letter to my Dreams / Carta a mis Sueños ™ in a collection of 5 volumes:

Letter to my Dreams for Planet Earth

Letter to my Dreams for the Children of the World

Letter to my Dreams for Humanity

Letter to my Dreams for the Women of the World

Letter to my Dreams for the Workers of the World

Published in 2019

June 2020

September 2020

March 2021

June 2021

Each book of the collection presents a series of concepts and insights, rights and educational activities, inspired by real events and characters that have left a legacy for humanity. Their stories serve as examples to teach us that human beings who dream and develop a vision have the power to transform the world. Thanks to their faith, effort, courage and perseverance, they can overcome obstacles and achieve the impossible.
Each book opens a window of possibilities and serves as an approach to make people aware about crucial issues of the 21st century, where it is urgent to educate with sensitivity, train and empower human beings with noble and great purposes.

Some of the main objectives of Letter to My Dreams are to strengthen problem analysis, critical thinking, communication, and the ability to read and write. For this purpose, creative writing exercises have been designed and a series of terms alluding to the theme of the book and the life of each character. Readers can learn to write and pronounce these words through a bilingual platform that is available to them free of charge.

Letter to my Dreams ™ Workshops have been taught to children, youth and adults in Ecuador, Colombia and the United States.

Our Dreamers

Letter to My Dreams ™ introduces you to incredible dreamers who, thanks to their vision, action, determination and effort, have managed to conquer their fears and overcome great obstacles. We have much to learn from them, as their achievements have contributed to the well-being of hundreds, thousands and millions of people around the world.
They are the visionaries of all time: children, youth and adults who listened to his inner voice, believed in his ability, gave their best, and had the strength to advance step by step. They discovered that their fears and difficulties were no greater than the longings they held in their hearts, and they proved it with facts. Their stories of effort, courage, and passion teach us that there is no limit to a dream and that we need to have the courage to persevere.

Dreams are born and grow in the heart of a true dreamer!

In Letter to my dreams ™ you will discover that you too can be the hero or heroine of your own life, and that there are many needs and opportunities for people like you to make valuable contributions. You will recognize that your dream is so great that it has the power to benefit
others, and most importantly, that when you live your dream, you live happy and you make a difference. When you help yourself, you help humanity. There are so many reasons why we should dream, but I prefer that you discover the reasons that will convince you of the importance of making your dreams come true.


To the visionaries who transform the world with the greatness of their dreams!


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